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Signs of Abuse

Unfortunately, many young victims and their families are silenced by shame or by the unfair instruction by religious leaders. Sadly some victims are silenced by suicide due to the intense feelings of shame and guilt.

After an assault, young victims are often confused about what to do. Many teenagers and young children are scared and feel alone. Parents may trust the perpetrator and sometimes children are told that their parents won’t believe them if they tell. This is the start of how sexual abuse becomes a secret. Predators groom children to trust them, then they attack.

Anything that a child experiences outside of their home that makes them feel uncomfortable is a starting point to learn if a child is being groomed. When abuse occurs and begins to occur there are some signs that parents should be aware of:

  • Unusual sadness and depression
  • Withdrawal from normal activities that a child participates in
  • Spending an increased amount of time with another adult outside of the family
  • Cutting themselves off from their friends & family
  • Sudden weight gain or loss
  • Starting with drugs and alcohol
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Increased aggressive behavior, especially when someone gets into their personal space
  • Loss of friends and socializing
  • Attempt sexual acts against other children

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