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You can depend on the Texas law firm of Nix, Patterson & Roach to fight the predators and corporations where sexual crimes occur against children. Most of victims of clergy sexual abuse are between 13 and 17 years of age. Many priests and clergy have publicly admitted these offenses, and many have been found guilty in criminal and civil trials. The Catholic Church has paid out over $2 billion nationally alone, as compensation for the abuse and cover-up by church authorities.

NPR Abuse Cases

Doe v. JKP Radha Madhav Dham, et al.
Nix Patterson and Roach represented a minor victim of sexual abuse in a lawsuit against a Hindu temple based in Austin, Texas. NPR represented the victims in bringing the case to a close.

Ondrisek v. Bernie Hoffman (aka Tony Alamo)
Nix, Patterson & Roach represented two minor victims who suffered severe physical abuse as members of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries—a religious cult led by Tony Alamo, a self proclaimed prophet of god. NPR obtained over $30 million in judgments on behalf of the victims.

Kolbek v. Twenty First Century Holiness Tabernacle Church, Inc. (aka Tony Alamo)
Nix, Patterson & Roach represented seven minor victims who were forced to be child “brides” of religious cult leader Tony Alamo. The victims were repeatedly molested and sexually abused, some starting as early as age 9. To date, NPR has obtained judgments totaling over $1 billion on behalf of the victims.

Doe v. Bethel Baptist
When children were abused by the sound director of a Baptist church, Nix, Patterson and Roach represented them in obtaining a confidential settlement.

Doe v. Glenwood Baptist, Southern Baptists of Texas, and Othell Laferney
In 2006 revelations of abuse at a small Baptist Church outside of Gilmer, Texas surfaced. When criminal authorities brought charges against the church’s youth minister, he disappeared. The law firm of Nix, Patterson & Roach represented his victims. Authorities located the youth minister in Montana after following clues left when he attempted to fake his own death. Nix, Patterson & Roach filed suit on behalf of our clients against the Church and obtained substantial confidential recoveries for our client.

Doe v. Pentecostal Church of God and Jerry Castle
A Church of God youth minister was arrested in 2005 for his sexual relationship with a minor. Nix, Patterson & Roach was there to represent the victim in bringing the case to a satisfactory conclusion.

Doe v. Longview Baptist Temple, Russell Hirner, and Robert Gray
In 2004, Russell Hirner, a teacher at Longview Baptist Temple megachurch was arrested for sexual abuse of children. Nix, Patterson & Roach represented the victims with claims against the church, the predators, and the church pastor. The case was settled for a confidential amount.

Lutheran Church Molestation Case
Nix, Patterson & Roach represented nine victims of former Lutheran minister, Gerald Patrick Thomas. The case was tried to verdict in 2004. In addition to the jury verdict, separate settlements were obtained prior to trial.

Landers v. ATC/Vancom and Wildred Brown
Wildred Brown had a long criminal background. He had two felony drug convictions. He also had misdemeanor convictions for resisting a search and, significantly, for false imprisonment. He was released from prison in March 1999 and finished parole on a drug conviction in April 2002. In January 2001, Brown was hired to drive a Dallas bus for and assist special-needs passengers. Surprisingly, Brown was on parole when he was hired despite his sordid past of violence, criminal convictions, irresponsible behavior, and drug use. When he sexually assaulted a mentally handicapped person, Nix, Patterson and Roach represented her against the companies that hired Brown. If you have been the victim of sexual abuse, exploitation or assault, call the Texas law firm of Nix, Patterson & Roach. You need a lawyer with experience handling these highly sensitive and emotional cases.

Contact Neil Smith for a confidential, free consultation at 1-800-220-1088. We offer free initial consultations to abuse survivors and take cases on a contingency basis, meaning you pay no attorney’s fee unless you obtain compensation. At the Texas law firm of Nix Patterson & Roach, we want to make it as easy as possible to pursue the justice you deserve